A Matter of Life and Death.

The thing is that unless someone can tell us definitely what death actually is all about – you know: is there reincarnation? for example. Does the spirit inhabit the body and then leave it at death and go to another dimension? Or, is it all about the body, and when that stops everything about you is all over? Unless someone can unequivocally answer those questions, I don’t think anyone can make correct laws which, by their nature, would be based only on opinions, not scientific facts. Therefore, it seems to me that whether to stay alive when you feel like dying, must be a personal decision, based upon one’s own philosophy or religion. The same can be said of abortion. Until the truth can be demonstrated, and painful as if may be for the onlooker, each individual has to take their own responsibility for their actions, based upon what they care to believe. This freedom does not rule out discussion for any individuals on these topics, and might eventually lead us to a greater understanding of these questions.


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